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May 26 2016


Labeling Machinery

Sticker Labeling machine Manufacturer
In pharmaceutical industry, a labeling machine is chiefly employed to stick labels to several items such as the containers, products or packages. Recently we discover that the user is facilitated in picking and choosing from different variations of labels and lettering to customize the labels with ease by the majority of the labeling machines which can be fixed with that kind of software. In the pharmaceutical packaging this machine makes itself a fundamental piece of it. The application of Machines includes chemicals, cosmetics, food and beverages, agriculture, electronics not to mention pharmaceutical, etc.

labeling machine manufacturer India
In medicines, tablets, syrups along with other pharmaceutical products machines are widely used to make labels to offer information on the ingredients inside the product including the manufacturing date, expiry date along with other information like quantity, list of features etc. Two important features of Pharmaceutical Machines are that
(a) Typically all machines have inbuilt self adhesive labeling system for oval, cylindrical, flat and square containers.
(b) Machine offer auto reject facility for bar code and overprint faults.

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